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Spirit of Courage


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Spirit of Courage

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Spirit of Courage:
A Tribute to People with Disabilities

SPIRIT OF COURAGE tells the stories of twenty-two people with real courage. These men, women and children with disabilities have been honored by Timpany Center of San Jose, California, with the prestigious "Laurel" award for their courage in overcoming their personal challenges.

Among the Laurel recipients are actor Chris Burke ("Life Goes On"), internationally renowned speakers Charlie and Lucy Wedemeyer, and designer Laurel Burch. Others include a man who was blinded in his twenties, but went on to earn a Ph.D. in ceramic engineering and invented a material used in virtually every computer in the world, and a paraplegic boy who, despite not speaking a word of English when he arrived in the U.S. from his native Peru, became a pre-law student at Georgetown University.

"Being physically vulnerable is, in a lot of ways, a tremendous advantage in terms of human wisdom. My bone disease was my gift."
                                                                             –Laurel Burch

"People say to follow your dreams. You have to chase them down. Hunt them, chase them, tackle them, and live them. Become your dreams."
                                                                             –Trooper Johnson

Placed on the list of "Best Books for the Teen-age" by the New York Public Library in 1996.


Paul Calandrino