Paul Calandrino Playwright
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Other Writings
Short Stories:
Man on Raft with Marmosets
“A certain kind of blindness that masquerades as 'vision' is a necessary trait in entrepreneurs—otherwise, nobody would ever go into business—but in Gerbicki it seemed more defect than adaptive advantage.”
Public Landing
“Cary fired into the air, and the man stopped. Cary then aimed at the man's tire. He didn't want to hurt or kill the man, but he did want to shoot something. He closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.”
Spirit of Courage
A Tribute to People with Disabilities

SPIRIT OF COURAGE tells the stories of twenty-two people with real courage. These men, women and children with disabilities have been honored by Timpany Center of San Jose, California, with the prestigious "Laurel" award for their courage in overcoming their personal challenges.
Green Dresser

In my green dresser drawer
I kept dried tomatoes and sulphur...
Paul Calandrino