Paul Calandrino Playwright
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Lake Oswego and Lakewood Theatre Company Playwriting Competition, 2005

Northwest Playwrights Festival
Lord Leebrick Theatre, 2005

"... the language is truly beautiful ... a fascinating inquiry into critical end-of-life issues."

–Dororthy Velasco,
The Register-Guard

"THE FINAL LEG is a play about the last part of the journey from birth to death, about whom you may want (or not want) to be helping on the last part of that trip. It's also about accountability, about human connection, about empathy, and more."

–Richard Leinaweaver, Director

The Final Leg

Full-length play
2 men, 2 women
Dark Comedy
2 Simple Interior Sets

Tank Hollahan is a mega-wealthy real estate developer who almost single-handedly invented the indoor shopping mall. The problem now is that he has only one hand ... and no legs. Years of alcoholism and untreated diabetes have led to amputations and constant pain, and his two grown children, Tom and Misty, have been pressed into escorting him to a suicide assistance clinic in Switzerland. To receive assistance, Tank must convince the clinic's chief psychiatrist, Dr. Klinge, that he is of sound mind, a task that proves daunting. Tormented by memories of past transgressions, weird dreams of the Three Stooges, and guilt over his lackluster performance as a father, Tank finds the final leg of his journey to be both painful and enlightening. Dr. Klinge ultimately delivers the clinic's decision, which cannot be reversed.

The Final Leg was first performed at Lord Leebrick Theatre Company in July 2005, Richard Leinaweaver, Director.

Paul Calandrino