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What would my author photo look like if Marion Ettlinger took it?

Paul if Marion Ettlinger took his photo Paul Calandrino
Photo by Jon Baker
Even if you don't know who Marion Ettlinger is, you have no doubt seen her snapshots. You know, the black and white images of authors scowling at you from dust jackets. They look pissed off or rueful or just plain scary, with deep lines in their faces and shadowy patches that seem to portend imminent bouts with cancer or leprosy. Any author worth his or her salt in the last twenty years has yearned for an author photo from Marion Ettlinger. There's a phrase for it: "getting Ettlingered." As a writer, I hope I'm worth my salt, but I can't afford to get Ettlingered. So I had to do it myself. I think I look damn good.


Paul Calandrino